Is It Too Early To Write Off DeSantis? New Poll Revealed

A recent poll shows that Republicans in Iowa remain optimistic on the outlook of Ron DeSantis’ presidential campaign. Among those supporting DeSantis for the nomination, 41% are optimistic about his campaign’s direction, with only 9% holding a negative view. Many Iowans believe voters are still making up their minds about DeSantis, with many holding out to see his performance in the debates.

One Iowa Republican stated:

“I think that Trump is in the lead now, but Trump’s gonna say something dumb and make a mistake, and people are gonna turn to Ron”

Iowa has recently become a focal point in political discussions, with its state fair serving as a crucial platform for candidates to connect with voters and emphasize their policy commitments. The significance of Iowa is underlined by its early Republican caucus scheduled for January 15, making it the pioneering state to pick a nominee. This event is anticipated to be pivotal for DeSantis, especially given the recent changes in his campaign structure and leadership.

Last week, DeSantis made significant changes to his campaign team. He replaced his campaign manager with James Uthmeier, previously his state office’s chief of staff. These changes followed financial strains leading to staff reductions. In a move to revitalize his campaign, DeSantis has partnered more closely with an external group, incorporating the super PAC Never Back Down.

Does Ron DeSantis Still Have A Chance In The Republican Presidential Primary?

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