Can Trump Beat Biden In A General Election?

The GOP primary is heating up and the heavyweights, Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis, are starting throw some real shots at each other. But how have the two front runners been doing lately with swing voters? Impact Social has released their latest findings on social media discussion during the month of July. The findings may surprise you.

DeSantis Analysis

Trump Analysis


DeSantis has seen a significant increase in sentiment during July as he’s risen 10 points. The strong month could be a result of many media appearances, like his interview on CNN, which have given him more recognition. But a bigger factor may be the public’s belief that Trump will not be able to win a general election against Biden. Right leaning independents could be shifting to DeSantis as the best option. What is clear is that Trump has not been able to connect with swing voters at any point.

Can Trump Beat Biden In A General Election?

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