Would You Vote For A Candidate Who Said This??

The hottest race in 2023 is the vicious battle for governor in Kentucky. Republican Daniel Cameron and Democrat Gov. Andy Beshear have been tearing each other apart for months now with no end in sight. But are their aggressive tactics paying off? Impact Social conducted research on thousands of social media users and their discussion related to Beshear and Cameron and their mud slinging. Their findings are stunning.

Andy Beshear

Gov. Beshear has seen a 16 point drop in sentiment for two major reasons. The first is that he is speaking less about issues which made him popular in the first place like education, health or his performance during Covid. Secondly, Cameron has attacked him with allegations of illegal campaign donations which has wounded him. Due to these attacks, Bashear has responded with personal attacks against Cameron which take the focus away from his accomplishments.


Daniel Cameron


Cameron will be pleased with the hit that Beshear has taken and how he is starting to close the gap. But Cameron has not been able to increase his own favorability because many people view his accusation of illegal donations as unjust because he is the active attorney general in Ohio. A popular view is that Cameron is weaponizing his DOJ against his political opponent. So Cameron has closed the gap because Beshear is falling and not because he is surging.



The report shows that the tone and temper of a candidate is very important in Kentucky gubernatorial race. Both candidates have seen more negative posts than positive as accusations and attacks between them have heated up. Cameron may have thought his attacks on Beshear for alleged illegal donations would only provide positive results but his aggressive tone was not received well. Personal attacks like this may not be the best way for Cameron to win over voters in Kentucky.

Would You Vote For A Candidate Who Personally Attacks Their Opponent?

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